This applies whether your needs are local, national or global, and whether you are looking for attorneys at the partner, counsel or associate level.

Our seasoned professional staff of recruiters understands your needs and will lead you to make key hiring decisions that continue or set the course for your continued growth and profitability. Indeed, we make over 100 permanent placements annually.

As previously noted, we have an outstanding and continually updated candidate base that is beyond comparison in the industry. In addition to our relationships with the practitioners in all practice areas, this allows us to successfully fill your employment needs in the most effective manner possible. Of course, this requires a dedicated and focused effort, and in this regard, our recruiters are practice-specific and location-specific experts who will fully understand your particular needs and how best to fulfill them. This also requires a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the legal marketplace and the “players” in the specific geographic area of your search. We carefully screen all potential candidates, delving deeper than just credentials and resumes to identify their unique strengths and special qualities. We thus insure that your efforts will be limited to meeting qualified candidates who are, in all respects, professional and personal, a right fit for you.

Some firms we have helped: