Now that you have reviewed all relevant material in this website, your next step is to contact our general manager, Richard Rahat who has been employed in this position for over 20 years. He can be reached by email at or by phone at (212) 661-5123.

Richard can answer all of your preliminary questions and will fully explain our procedures and the details of how we conduct our searches, whether it be for attorneys or employers.

Once he fully understands the general details of your search, Richard will put you in touch with the particular recruiter or recruiting team that can best satisfy your needs as careful and expeditiously as possible. At that point more details will most assuredly need to be provided. During this conversation, if you are seeking employment, Richard will, of course, need to know what type of placement you are seeking (i.e., law firm partner, in-house placement, et al).

At that time you will also want to provide any other written background material that may aid in the search. If you are looking to hire, he will need to know the general details of your needs (single partner, groups, area(s) of legally specialty, and the like), or similar details if you are looking to fill an in-house placement.

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