These clients have come to rely on our services to provide top quality candidates that meet their specific “temporary” needs within a specified time limit. We excel at satisfying these often unique work force needs by our commitment to the client and our full understanding of how to best satisfy those needs by the use of temporary attorneys.

Our active data base of temporary employees is beyond comparison. It is composed of over 20,000 experienced attorneys, in virtually all legal specialties. This data base is particularly useful when hiring temporary employees since they are often needed by the client on short notice, or to satisfy immediate needs. This is true whether the candidates are to be employed on a full-time, part-time, per matter, or on-site basis. Furthermore, quite often these candidates are hired on a repeat basis by the same client because of the excellent work they have performed in the past.

In general, temporary employees are hired on the payroll of AGA’s temp division so that, in order to ease the client’s obligations, we take full responsibility for all administrative matters. This includes payroll, tax, insurance benefits, human resource and all other requirements mandated by federal, state or local law. On occasion, at their request, these obligations may be assumed by the client.


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