Our comprehensive and active temporary employment data base includes law firms and corporate legal departments. It is updated on a continuing basis, and has consistently provided a great number of opportunities in all legal disciplines for qualified candidates. These are generally filled by our candidates quickly, with special care and attention to their personal and career plans, and in strict confidence. Furthermore, our data base is often successfully used by candidates seeking repetitive temporary employment opportunities for clients who have valued their services in the past.

New temporary employees, whether initially hired as a part-time, per-matter, full-time, or on-site basis, will be immediately added to AGA’s temporary employment data base of over 20,000 qualified attorneys so that they can be considered for future temporary employment opportunities, as they arise. As an additional opportunity for full-time staff employment by a law firm or corporate legal department, attorneys who have been employed as a temporary employee at that firm or corporation who have impressed management are often offered full-time staff employment.

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