This accumulation of experience and expertise accrues to the benefit of all our candidates, but especially including partners and groups of partners seeking to move their practices to stronger law firms or those better positioned to assist them in moving their practices to a higher level.

We have a wealth of knowledge about the various legal disciplines, including the most esoteric, and how they interact with each other to produce strong practices. We also fully understand the economic structure that consistently produces top group earnings and individual compensation. This knowledge allows us to make incisive recommendations when assisting our candidates (and clients) in closing a deal on favorable terms that are also mutually beneficial and fair.

As a result, we have placed partners and practice groups at many of the world’s top firms. We also bring this expertise and experience to arranging placements at law firms of all sizes, regardless of where they stand in the hierarchy of firms in their respective market(s), their level of profitability, or the legal specialties in which they practice.

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Some firms we have helped: