Whether the Counsel has been employed in that position because:(1) his/her book of business is not sufficient for Partnership at his current firm: (2) he/she chooses to be Counsel at that firm in order to avoid being generally responsible for Partnership obligations (financial or otherwise); or (3) he/she has the requisite book of business but has had his position as Partner changed as a result of the firm’s retirement policies, our team has had great success at finding them new positions.  (Generally, Counsel are hired as “Employees “of the firm for tax and other purposes).

In many cases, the candidate may seek similar employment (i.e., as Counsel) at another firm.  In other cases, the Counsel may seek a partnership position at another firm on the basis that its financial requirements, retirement policies, or special practice needs, may allow him to be engaged as a Partner at that firm.  In assisting a Counsel considering any such change, the experience and complete understanding of how this all fits together possessed by our professional recruiters is tops in the marketplace.

Associates and Partners may also use the services of our Counsel recruiters.  This can occur when an Associate employed at a firm has started to develop a book of business that other firms may consider sufficient for a Counsel position (or even Partner).  This may also occur when a Partner chooses to change firms rather than eventually being terminated because of a drop in the level of his/her practice, or because of a reduction or stagnation in his/her compensation levels.

As can be seen, the interplay of all of the foregoing requires an expert understanding of the various forces in play when Counsel Positions are involved.  For this role our expert recruiters lead the market.

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