Richard Rahat

General Manager

Richard Rahat, AGA’s General Manager, is in overall charge of, and is responsible for, all of the firm’s administrative, payroll and other financial matters. In this position, he also manages all of our technical operations, sets operating guidelines for all recruiters and recruiting teams, and supervises and handles the payroll and human resources requirements for temporary attorneys placed by AGA who are employed directly by AGA.

Richard has held this position for a period of over 20 years, and directly supervises a support staff of six.

Prior to joining AGA, he was employed as a Director at STG Computer Progamming Inc., where he was in charge of writing, implementing, and trouble-shooting STG’s accounting and advanced employment-search software, much of which is used by AGA. Richard holds a B.S. degree in Engineering from Polytechnic University of Brooklyn. He is a recognized expert in the use of LAN, CAD, and other sophisticated programming technology.

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