Our professional recruiters have brought together a wide array of law firms in successful mergers. We are experts at analyzing the complexities that all mergers involve, and in securing suitable candidates, upon request, based on our extensive knowledge of the law firm landscape and our numerous contacts within the industry accumulated over a period in excess of over 40 years. Our strict adherence to a high level of confidentiality is vital in arranging these mergers especially since preliminary contacts are usually limited and are on a need-to-know basis.

In arranging any such merger we consider a long list of factors. This includes: how any planned merger augments, complements, or fills in the missing parts of each firm’s numerous practice areas, and in what markets; other geographic considerations; economic compatibility of the merger candidates, including billing rates, profitability, and compensation levels; the ratio of partners to associates and other positions; lease arrangements on existing offices; and the melding of each firm’s practice culture; to name a few.

Once a candidate firm expresses interest in a merger, we review in more specific terms the above factors and many others that are unique to that candidate. We then meet with the candidate in order to select the best matches based on our knowledge of the firms in the targeted market(s). In this regard, we may have already spoken to and received permission to move ahead in the process from a targeted firm. In no event, however, will we reveal the name of the candidate firm until we have received its permission to do so. As earlier noted, these conversations are conducted in great secrecy, usually with a limited number of representatives from each firm.